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Principal of working

The polymer and the liquid crystals are encapsulated in the STF. Both faces of the film are covered with a transparent, conductive coating. Both conductive coatings are connected to a flat electrical bus bar, which is fixed on one of the edges of the film. When the Film is switched off from its power supply, the liquid crystals are randomly scattered and diffuse light in all directions. In this state STF is translucent and prevents both sides from seeing through the Film.

By switching the Film on, the crystals line up and reorient themselves, turning the Film totally transparent.Switching from the Opaque state to the Transparentstate is almost instantaneous and can be repeated asoften as desired.Smart Transparent Glass is a laminated glazing comprising two sheets of glass, either clear or tinted, and a STF. The STF and the glass panes are assembled by means of two interlayer films.

Technical Data

  • Tech Data
  • Electrical
  • Transmittance
  • Operating Voltage
  • Response
  • On Transparent
  • Off Translucent
  • % Off 4 ± 5.0 On 80 ± 5.0
  • 65 V ACe
  • Time m sec On-off Tr .100ms/Td.400ms

Size Of Monolaminate Smart Glass

  • Smart Glass Std.
  • Special
  • Thickness
  • 1200mm x 3000mm
  • 1500mm x 3000mm
  • 11.5 mm

Duolaminate Smart Glass

  • Max.
  • 1800mm x 3000mm